Sunday, November 26, 2006

"Waffen SS Hunter/Killer Team"

This was one of those projects I can't take creative credit for - this was originally thought of and put together by Kreston Peckham. In 2005, Kreston and I were talking about his "mother of all mud projects", which is extremely similar to what you see here. The only difference between our projects are that I used one different set of 1/35 figures by Warriors, and his would've had a lot more mud.

All figures and the T-34 "wedgie" are from Warriors. I followed Kreston's suggestion of adding photo-etched anti-panzerfaust screens by Aber. The T-34 was painted with oils over acrylics (no airbrushing here). Each figure was painted with different camouflage patterns. From left to right, the first figure is wearing pea-pattern trousers, the second figure's jacket is in fall oak leaf-B, and the third's zeltbahn is in spring oak leaf blurred-edge pattern.


I decided to have some fun with this figure. Although it's Andrea's 54mm Yul Brynner figure from the motion picture "the Magnificent Seven," I chose to go with another one of his classic roles - the gunslinger from "Westworld."

I hollowed out the face from the nose to the chin, and then sculpted in some robotic details as seen in the film. At first glance, it looks like I really screwed up the mouth (ain't that right, Anders?). However, you can see the robotic detail if you know what to look for.

Overall, I had a lot of fun working on this figure, not to mention watching "Westworld" several times. Let's just hope Hollyweird doesn't mess up the remake ... of course they will.

"That way, towards Arnhem!"

This is Pegaso's 1/35 British Paratrooper, but with a Hornet head. I chose to change the head for one wearing a para beret in order to add some color to the piece. The destroyed church wall is by United Empire Miniatures. I also made some shattered stained glass with a clear overhead transparency, glued to the backside of the wall. The rubble was sculpted with Magic Sculp, and the groundwork is a combination of Hudson & Allen products (groundwork, static grass, tall grass, forest litter, Ivy).