Sunday, November 26, 2006

"Waffen SS Hunter/Killer Team"

This was one of those projects I can't take creative credit for - this was originally thought of and put together by Kreston Peckham. In 2005, Kreston and I were talking about his "mother of all mud projects", which is extremely similar to what you see here. The only difference between our projects are that I used one different set of 1/35 figures by Warriors, and his would've had a lot more mud.

All figures and the T-34 "wedgie" are from Warriors. I followed Kreston's suggestion of adding photo-etched anti-panzerfaust screens by Aber. The T-34 was painted with oils over acrylics (no airbrushing here). Each figure was painted with different camouflage patterns. From left to right, the first figure is wearing pea-pattern trousers, the second figure's jacket is in fall oak leaf-B, and the third's zeltbahn is in spring oak leaf blurred-edge pattern.

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