Monday, January 8, 2007

Where have I been?

Hi there! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and an unforgettable New Year's. I apologize for not updating this blog in over one month, but December is never a good time for me timewise. I was wrapping up my courses at three colleges by December 22, which meant I had to deal with the usual end-of-semester stuff: grades, student complaints, and red-tape. Add to that the fact that I couldn't do any Christmas shopping until December 23, and I ended up with very little time off. However, I'm now on winter vacation so I've got lots of free time until January 22.

I've been very busy at my workbench, working on several projects and have actually completed some, such as:
1. Warriors' 1/35 US Army Sniper 1944 - almost complete, and it will be used for a step-by-step thread over at Timelines Forum.
2. Warriors' 1/35 Fallschirmjager Ardennes 1944-5 - complete. I'll post pictures here later.
3. S&T's 1/35 SS Panzer Commander - about halfway done.

I've also been busy over at Timelines Forum - - writing a step-by-step article on modeling snow for your groundwork. My good friend John Long also did a great step-by-step article on urban groundwork. You can view both of them here: In the very near future, I'll be writing another step-by-step article on using Silflor products on your groundwork. So far, these products look like they've got amazing potential to make your groundwork really stand out. I've seen friends of mine use them already to good effect.

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